Just how important are lipstick boxes

Lipsticks are a staple cosmetic product. You can walk out of the home with just a lipstick and some sunglasses and you are ready to go. No foundation, no concealer, no blush, or any other make-up product

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are upon us and Oli’s picks have just arrived just in time for some great stocking stuffers! Each month, Oli, our retail sticker designer, chooses a handful of his favorite designs and shares his inspiration

Printing the highest quality custom stickers

There’s no reason why every custom sticker can’t be awesome. The cost difference between printing the best possible sticker versus something average is minimal. That’s why we only use the highest quality material and printing methods. Here’s

The Difference Between Coated and Uncoated Paper Stock

We offer a mixed bag of paper stock to browse for printing your business cards, leaflets, postcards, letterhead and the sky is the limit from there. Selecting the fitting stock for your print materials can be overpowering

Altered Presentation Folders – Print Featured on Printaholic

As of late Customized Presentation Folders Print was highlighted on Printaholic, a website that audits the top web printing organizations. We’re energized that Printaholic contacted us talking about our reasonable brilliant printing items and how our client

Label Stickers: Where Form Meets Function

Stickers are absolutely fun, isn’t that so? We positively think so. They bring back a feeling of honest miracle, much the same as when we used to cover our scratch pad with everything Lisa Frank and Fraggle

Make Your Business Card Memorable With Stickers!

Business card sticker configuration credited to Ads of the World and Bart Agency How frequently has somebody given you a business card, just for you to quickly lose it in the mix of papers around your work

Let your understudies sparkle with our Mini, Smiley, Multi Star Stickers!

Multi Star Stickers Hi again flawless educators, folks and sticker partners all around! Today I’m written work to let you know around one of our most famous stickers- our extremely little (10mm), colorful smiley stars. At 10mm

Cool Business Card Designs of Graphic and Web Designers

We’ve offered huge amounts of business card motivation here on the VarietyStickers site, from standard shapes, bright prints, to pass on cuts. The plans offered in our posts will never be finished without the imaginative virtuosos a.k.a.

Step by step instructions to Achieve the Most Eco-Friendly Folder

Paper is a renewable asset that can be effectively reused, yet paper items like presentation organizers have an unjustifiable notoriety for being environmentally unpleasant. Paper producers replant a greater number of trees than they reap, serving to