Just how important are lipstick boxes

Lipsticks are a staple cosmetic product. You can walk out of the home with just a lipstick and some sunglasses and you are ready to go. No foundation, no concealer, no blush, or any other make-up product is necessary. Lipsticks enhance the lips, giving them shape, color, and dimension. Make-up artists all over the world vouch for the importance of lipsticks. A full face of make-up without any lipstick will look odd at best and horrific at best.

Needless to say, lipsticks happen to be the number one cosmetic item that is used and manufactured. They are the oldest form of make-up invented by humankind. In short, there is little debate as to the importance of lipsticks.

Lipstick Boxes

How important is it to package lipsticks?

The short answer to the question is a resounding ‘very important’. Lipsticks, like all other cosmetic products, need to be kept protected and completely sealed off. You will be placing these on your lips, after all, so keeping it hygienic is essential.

Now you must have noticed that lipsticks already come in a plastic casing. The actual wax bullet is shaped into a cylindrical form and then placed in a plastic casing because the wax is susceptible to temperature changes and, if left exposed, dirt can get stuck to it. Overall, to maintain the integrity of the lipsticks they need to be protected and covered.

There is one more layer of packaging necessary, however. And that is lipstick packaging boxes. That is right, customized boxes made out of cardboard.

Why cardboard lipstick boxes?

So, you may be questioning that why package your lipsticks in a customized cardboard box when you have already had them placed in a plastic casing? As a manufacturer, you could be saving money by doing away with the cardboard boxes. This cost-cutting seems tempting, but the advantages it provides are much more important for your business than a few dollars you might want to save on them.

Lipstick boxes protect the outer casing of the bullet and keep the temperature of the plastic bullet down which in turn means that the lipstick formula inside the plastic tube does not get overheated and melt away. To save the integrity and quality of the lipstick formula inside the cardboard is an excellent packaging option.

Wholesale lipstick boxes versus customized lipstick boxes

So now that you have determined that cardboard lipstick boxes are necessary, you need to decide whether to get standardized whole lipstick boxes or customized ones. As you can imagine both have their relative pros and cons.

The standardized boxes cost less and are able to fit the standard size of the lipstick bullet, which will pretty much hold nearly 90% of the lipstick in the market since the size variation is not much. You will also not be limited to a certain color or batch of lipstick because standard boxes for lipsticks do not have the color swatch printed on the box, so you can order in bulk quantities and use the boxes for any color of lipstick. To make the boxes slightly customized you can add sticker labels for things like the color swatch or maybe get a clear sticker label with the logo printed on it.

Customized lipstick boxes, on the other hand, are slightly pricey. But with fully customized boxes you can get a much better presentation and the final product, once packaged, looks more finished and high-end. You can even get custom made wholesale lipstick boxes in order to benefit from the bulk quantity discounts. With fully customized boxes you have all the freedom to design the box whichever way you want. This includes the size as well, which means that if your lipstick is not in a standard circular bullet then you have to get a customized lipstick box. Also, the printing on the outside has no limits or constraints, you can get whatever type of designing you want. This includes the actual printing that goes on the box as well as the added printing features, like metallic foiling and embossing.

Since packaging is now a part of marketing it is better to get a fully customized option. Spending money on your lipstick box is really an investment. Weighing the pros and cons, it is clear that customized boxes are the better option.

How custom packaging is shaping the way products are packaged?

Nowadays even the most mundane products are packaged in the most creative manner. It is simply because of looks matter. In a world where consumerism is rampant and ever increasing, buyers have little time in which they scan through thousands of items. The choices available are mind-boggling and there is simply too much information out there for customers to make a genuinely thought out choice. On top of that, impulse buying has become a very common phenomenon. This all adds to the importance that packaging plays. An attractive and creative lipstick box is sure to stir interest among potential buyers.

It is only once they are attracted by the packaging, will they swatch or be tempted to even give the lipstick a second glance. A lipstick in a nice looking box is sure to generate greater interest which will eventually translate into sales. Finally, a good presentation also forms perceptions of quality without a doubt.

Winding it all up

In the end, a box is not simply a box anymore. For cosmetic items, the outer appearance is of extreme importance. Just as a lipstick promises to add a flush of color and define the natural beauty of the wearer, a customized lipstick box is supposed to enhance the product inside and deliver the message it stands for without actually opening the box.

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